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Plastic Tube Cleaner

The Conco Type P plastic tube cleaner is designed for removal of only the softest types of deposits such as mud, silt and microbiological fouling in condensers and heat exchangers with tube sizes 5/8” to 1-1/4”. The Type P tube cleaner fins are slit horizontally and vertically which, along with a small diameter hole in the core, allows water to bypass the cleaner to lubricate and flush out deposits.

  • Safe, water powered tube cleaner
  • Depending on size, five to seven polyethylene cleaning fins
  • Hollow core, unibody construction
  • Cleaners are slightly oversized and precisely designed to match tube inside diameter
  • Can be used for approximately 4 shots each
How It Works

The Conco Type P tube cleaner is shot through condenser and heat exchanger tubes using the Conco ProSeries™ Tube Cleaning System. The Type P features a multi-stage design with plastic blades and travels through the tube at 10 to 20 feet per second (at 200-300 PSI), removing deposits including microbiological fouling such as silt and mud.