NitroLance® UHP Liquid Nitrogen Cleaning

NitroLance® UHP Liquid Nitrogen Cleaning

NitroLance® UHP Liquid Nitrogen Cleaning

NitroLance® UHP Liquid Nitrogen Cleaning

Conco’s NitroLance® Service will save you time and money in precision cleaning applications yielding zero secondary waste.

Harnessing the power of liquid nitrogen, NitroLance can remove incredibly difficult deposits safely and without producing secondary waste streams. It has been used to restore flow to tubes completely blocked with hardened calcium carbonate quicker than high-pressure water or chemical cleaning. And because liquid nitrogen readily dissipates, only the removed deposit is left behind, saving our customers thousands of dollars in cleanup costs.

NitroLance is a safe alternative to hydroblasting. Where high-pressure water can be hazardous at distances greater than six feet, the liquid nitrogen jet from NitroLance extends only a few inches.

Liquid nitrogen is ideally suited for adverse tube cleaning environments, yielding quicker turnarounds for critical path components. Conco’s NitroLance customers have reported that, in addition to being fast, NitroLance has resulted in performance improvements in heat transfer by up to 20% on units cleaned with this technology.

Preheater Before Cleaning
Preheater Before Cleaning
Preheater After Cleaning
Preheater After Cleaning

NitroLance also provides optimal cleanliness for vessels being examined with Remote Field or Eddy Current Testing. It is available with a variety of nozzle configurations for fast and effective cleaning of tough deposits.

How It Works

NitroLance™ quickly and effectively cleans utilizing three basic mechanisms of action on the fouling deposit being removed; mechanical pressure, super-cooling, and thermal/volumetric expansion.  The image below depicts the cleaning of tube internals using a rotating carrier and a multi-port orifice configuration with the mechanisms of cleaning action referenced.

Nitrolance in tube


Mechanical Pressure – The pressure exerted at the nozzle tip of the system is regulated from 5,000 PSI to 55,000 PSI based on the equipment being cleaned and the fouling/deposit characteristics present.

Super Cooling – The super cool liquid nitrogen (-160°F to -250°F) facilitates embrittlement fracturing of semi-porous fouling deposits. 

Thermal/Volumetric Expansion – As the high density LN2 vapor penetrates the cracks and crevices of the fouling deposit, it rapidly converts to a gas expanding nearly 700 times its volume.  This rapid expansion, combined with the mechanical pressure and super cooling, causes the fouling deposit to rapidly break apart and release its bond to the parent metal.


  • Faster than high-pressure water jetting or chemical cleaning
  • Dramatically improves turnaround time for critical path equipment
  • Will remove deposits where conventional methods fail
  • Liquid nitrogen evaporates leaving only the deposit to remove, saving you time and money
  • Technology so safe on equipment, it has been used to clean the Space Shuttle
  • Controllable up to 55,000 PS
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