Premio Spotlight de Seguridad de Conco


Conco continues to strive for improvement in our safety policies and procedure documents as well as implementation. We are working hard on increasing our participation in our behavior-based observation program, increasing regular safety walk-throughs of our own facilities, and increasing random safety audits by our safety staff at customer facilities. Our goal for our safety department is to find new ways to be proactive and to increase our presence in the field.

In January 2021, Conco’s HSE Department announced the Safety Standout Award with the purpose of recognizing a field service employee for their adherence and encouragement of participation in Conco Safety Programs. Top 3 Finalists for the Award are determined through a survey of their peers.  Finalists then participate in an interview with a panel of Conco's Management Team and are scored on their responses.  Interview scores combined with additional points for participation in Conco Safety Programs are calculated and the Finalist with the highest score wins.

Congratulations to Juan David Giraldo!

Juan David Giraldo









The July 2021 recipient of the Safety Standout Award is Juan David Giraldo. Giraldo is based in La Porte, TX and was recently promoted to the Supervisor position after consistently demonstrating exemplary leadership skills and commitment to safety.  Thank you for your continued dedication to safety, Juan David!